Highly effective Chemical Compounds for brightening by immersion metal parts made of brass, copper and steel. These products are easy to handle and control. They produce an excellent finish and high resistance. Environmentally friendly systems, since there is no toxic fume formation. Our formulations are constituted by emulsifiers, which eliminate gases.


Laser Ex

Products are specially stabilized and blended hydrogen peroxide mixes for surface treatment. Depending upon the desired finish, they range from matte oxide-free to a highly polished, smooth surface. Normally used for cooper and brass. Used where very heavy production is run.


High performance degreaser and cleaner. It can be used in cold and hot immersion baths. Highly recommended for ultrasonic cleaning.


An anti-tarnish to protect the surface of the alloys processed through any of the LASER sequences

Laser Pb

Brightening for surfaces with high lead content.
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