After the mass finishing process the finished work pieces are typically wet and require drying. Different parts of different sizes, different geometry, etc., may require a special type of drying system.

ROTO-MEX offers a range of different dryer types for batch or continuous operation for all kinds of different parts.

Aries Series

The main characteristic of this series is economical, not only is a sturdy and reliable machine but it´s really affordable.

  • Capacities of: 2, 5 y 10 ft3
  • Unload system a
  • NEMA 12 Control Panel

ER Series

Like the vibratory equipment the ER DRIERS offer durability and economy because of it´s advanced structural design. They provide flexible mass finishing with a high degree of automatization along with process flexibility and control.

  • Capacities between 2 y 20 ft3
  • Manual lever operated gate
  • NEMA-12 Electric panel
  • Noise Cover (fabric or aluminum)
  • Continuously monitored oil recirculation
  • Automatic system for working in series with 2 or more vibratory machines

RM Series

This drying line has as main characteristic its efficiency and speed to process parts. It is attainable to all budgets

ST-1 Series

As driers this series is extremely versatile, compact and easy to use. Used for small operations: small parts or small production batches.

  • Capacity of 1 ft3
  • Standard Motor
  • Parts separator integrated to the equipment
  • 1.3 cm of polyurethane lining
  • Simple vibration control
  • NEMA 12 Electric Panel
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