This media is known for its great durability and high deburring capability. This is the more aggressive media for deburring.

Ceramic media types available :

porcelain Porcelain, Polishing for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. less
Light cut Deburring, recommended for zamac smooth finish
Medium cut Deburring, recommended for aluminum.
Fast cut Deburring, recommended for stainless steel More

This media is available in the following shapes:

Cylinder angle 45° on sizes: 5/8, 3/16, 5/16, 3/16, 1/8
Cylinder angle 30° on sizes: 3/8, 5/16, 1/4
Star on sizes: 7/8, 5/8.
Triangle  on sizes: 1 1/8, 7/8, 5/8, 3/8
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